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Service Providers - Business Opportunity

The entire world is aware of the fact that every email message is stored somewhere and it can be used in the future to harm it's sender or recipient.

There are many programs available that use strong encryption, that are impossible to crack even for advanced government agencies, but these programs are so difficult to use that the adoption rate is very low.

Mail1Click is very easy to use, it has clients for different platforms, it offers an open API to allow anyone to integrate it in different applications and it can be branded following the Service Provider's requirements.

Under Your OWN BRAND

As Service Provider, you can buy the white-label version and use your own brand to sell an amazing secure mail service for a small fee.

Also the app clients for the different operating systems can be put on sale under your own brand and name.

High Profits

The uniqueness of the service together with unbeatable price low as 3$ per mailbox, compared to the public price of 34.49 $ give an unbeatable margin to each Service Provider that decide to invest in marketing efforts for his own service.Please take a look to our price list for Service Providers.

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