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Mail1Click is a FREE AND SECURE EMAIL service. It works like any other standard email service (gmail,yahoo mail,etc.etc.), with the addition of a state of the art encryption and electronic signature to your messages and attachments. Mail1click is extremely user friendly, the encryption and the signature are automatically generated. Following is an example of an encrypted message:

"Hi Charles, how are you?"

after the encryption it will look like this:


If your internet traffic is being intercepted, only you and the recipient can read the message and the attached files.

You can access your mailbox by web or using our software client available for smart-phones, tablets and personal computers.
You can attach files enjoying the same encryption, the only limitation is the space available in your mailbox.

The service is FREE up to 25 megabytes of space, you can add up to 10 gigabytes at anytime by subscribing to our premium service for only 34.95$ (1 GB) or 49.98$ (10GB) per year.

Rsa Keys

Mail1click generates a 4096 bit RSA key (unbreakable). A complete RSA key is composed by a Private Key and a Public Key, your private key is used to sign messages that are sent and to decrypt messages that are received. The public key is used by the sender to encrypt the message that is being sent to you. When sending an encrypted message, our app will encrypt the message using the recipient's public key and only the recipient will be able to decrypt the message using their private key.

A little confusing? Don't worry!

Mail1click generates the RSA keys, applies encryption and decryption automatically, so NO knowledge is required.

Electronic Signature

Each message sent from mail1click will be automatically signed using the sender's private key, this activity guarantee's the recipients that the message has not been changed or tampered with. The electronic signature is the strongest protection against identity fraud and fake identification.


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